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General Questions

What kind of properties do you work with?

At MRL Pest Control, our services are suitable for all kinds of properties, whether that is residential, commercial, or industrial. We offer a free consultation in order to establish a treatment plan that is right for you.

What areas do you cover?

We serve most of the Merseyside and Greater Manchester area including Aintree, Birkenhead, Bootle, Brimstage, Bromborough, Crosby, Greasby, Halewood, Heswall, Haydock, Hoylake, Huyton, Kirkby, Knowsley, Litherland, Liverpool, Moreton, Ormskirk, Prescot, Rainford, Southport, St. Helens, Salford, Bolton and Formby. This list is not exhaustive, please contact us if you require clarification.

I clean my house regularly, but I still have pests - why?

Most pests seek food and shelter in your home. They are not attracted by dirtiness, but by food and water supplies. Some insects and rodents can fit through the tiniest holes and cracks and can happen even if you have the cleanest property, through no fault of your own.

Can I schedule a consultation for the same day?

Yes, consultations can be scheduled for the same day.

Do you work weekends?

Yes, we work 7 days a week

Should I be concerned if my neighbour has an infestation?

We would recommend that you have your home inspected, however, it does depend on the kind of pest in question, as it does not necessarily mean that you would have the same pests as your neighbour.

Service Questions

How do you price your rodent control?

A 3 visit rodent control service is a fixed price of £149 including VAT. If further visits are required, this will be calculated for you based on the frequency and amount of bait boxes needed.

How long do your visits take?

Typically, our 3 visit rodent control service takes about 2 hours, with a consultation for a commercial premise taking about 1 hour. Our wasp nest removal is quick and easy, often taking under an hour. For any other services, a consultation is required to asses the issue, taking about 1 hour.

Are your pest control methods child and pet friendly?

Our bait boxes for rodent control are always locked so that children and pets do not encounter any harmful substances. Also, any chemicals or pesticides that we use are at the lowest concentration required to be effective. This means that they can effectively kill the targeted pest yet be virtually harmless to people and pets. However, we would always recommend for any children, adults or pets to be kept away from the treated premises where possible, in order to minimise any unnecessary risks.

Would I be able to buy the pesticides you use to do it myself?

No, the chemicals and pesticides that we use are not available to the general public, as they can be dangerous if not professionally administered. This is a job best left for qualified professionals.

Do you offer long term services for commercial clients?

Yes, we are pleased to offer regular pest management services for commercial clients.

I have a pest problem and the species is not mentioned on your website. What do I do?

Due to the plethora of insect species and pests in the UK, we have not listed every single one on our website, but we are qualified and able to treat most pests. If you are unsure, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Payment Equiries

What payments are accepted?

We accept cash, card, PayPal, bank transfer and invoicing. We offer commercial clients the option of flexible payment schedules and quarterly invoicing.

Are all quotes free?

Yes, we offer free quotes for any pest problem which are also without obligation.