Providing low cost pest control in a safe, humane and effective way





Now more than ever, our customers are concerned about their environmental impact, and at MRL Pest Control, this is an important aspect of the way we work. As the extermination and prevention of pests is our job, it is of the utmost importance to us that the methods we adopt do not cause any needless harm or suffering to any living creature, or the environment.

We only carry out any pest control work when the pest threatens human interests, as unchecked pest infestations in residential or commercial premises can lead to the spreading of disease, the spoiling of food and even structural damage. We are experienced, professional individuals who minimise the suffering of pests at every opportunity.



At MRL Pest Control, each method we use to eradicate pests from any property is thoroughly researched to ensure that it does not cause any unwarranted harm to the pests. When it is necessary to control pests with permanent means rather than preventative, it is our duty to ensure that these methods are as humane as they can be.

A key example of our humane practices is our choice to avoid the use of glue boards as a rodent control method. Despite these being non-toxic, cheap and a speedy solution to rodents, they cause unnecessary harm to the animals and are, in our opinion, barbaric.


Another way which we make our pest control methods as humane as possible is by putting emphasis on preventative and methods of deterent pest management. Our aim is to prevent and deter pest infestations from occurring in the first place.

This is why at MRL Pest Control, we are specialists in surveying a property to determine how the pest entered. We employ highly experienced technicians who are trained in spotting, for example, rodent runs and issues within pipework allowing pests to enter. We also offer free consultations for any pest control issue you may have, so do not hesitate to get in touch.