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Providing low cost rodent control in a safe effective way





At MRL Pest Control, we are experienced in the eradication of rodents from residential or commercial premises.

Rats: As rats are highly intelligent animals, they can easily invade properties and colonise quickly, leading to poor hygiene and health risks. Their excrement can contaminate surfaces and their bites can lead to infections.

Mice: Mice spread diseases like rats as they make their way into properties to hunt for food and shelter. Their gnawing habits can cause damage to your home. As with any rodent infestation, mice must be treated quickly to limit breeding and the worsening of the problem.



At MRL Pest Control we adopt tried and tested methods to find, treat and prevent rodent infestations, and we always do our best to give the client total peace of mind.


For the removal or rodents from residential or commercial properties, we use locked bait boxes with professional grade poisons. These locked bait boxes are also safe for families with children and pets, as the only thing that will come into contact with any harsh substances are those which it is intended for. Our treatments involve follow up appointments in order to ensure the most effective service. If you have any questions about the treatments of rodents in your premises, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists.




When booking a rodent control treatment with us, you can rest assured that you are paying the best
possible price. Our prices up to 60% cheaper than other national competitors.

We make it as affordable as possible and will not be beaten on a like for like quote. All our prices are fixed so what you see is what you pay. For residential rodent control, we offer multi-visit rodent treatments at a low, fair fixed price.

For our prcing please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are happy to assist you.




For the effective and efficient removal of rodents, we refuse to use any inhumane methods to trap rodents, such as sticky pads. Unfortunately there can many more rodents present than often observed as they breed rapidly and can quickly triple their population. This can lead to the spreading of disease, potential loss of business and can also cause damage to property. Our CCTV equipment can quickly establish the severity of the problem, in order to establish a fast and effective course of action.



Brown rats are highly intelligent and adaptable animals, with keen senses of hearing, smell, and they even use ultrasonic calls to communicate. Whilst in small, well-fed colonies, rats groom themselves meticulously, it is in larger, more overcrowded colonies where hygiene can become problematic. Rats tend to move about along well-trodden routes, and, with practice, it is possible to spot these ‘runs’, which our pest control specialists are trained to do. They are excellent swimmers, both on the surface and underwater, and can climb, readily getting into the upper storeys of buildings. They dig extensive burrows, often in sloping ground or the sides of ditches, or beneath flat stones or tree roots, and burrows may be used for several generations. It is because of this that rats are prevalent in urban areas, as they will make use of buildings, nesting in floor cavities or beneath floorboards.



Two species of mouse are common in urban environments: wood mice and house mice. Wood mice are native species characteristic of woodland, living in the leaf litter, but are found in a variety of habitats. They are adaptable and opportunistic, readily taking advantage of food on bird tables and coming into houses during cold weather. Conversely, house mice are smaller than wood mice they are grey-brown in colour, with large pink ears and a narrow face. Despite often appearing cute and harmless, mice can pose great risks to health, and cause structural damage to your property. Mice are known to chew on furniture and electrical wiring, which can wreak havoc  to household appliances. Also, it is possible to be infected by being in contact with mice droppings. This makes the control of mice in the property highly necessary, as it is almost certain that where there is one mouse, there are many.


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